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Collect beats daily

[Heart Beats💜]
🔹Used for ad projects, voting and more
🔹Can be acquired for free by watching ads
🔹Video ads can be watched up to 100 ads per device per day
🔹Ads watching resets every 24 hours
🔹EXPIRY: 90 days
🔹Do mission to earn heart beats too.

[Star Beats ⭐️]
🔹Used for ad projects and more, but cannot be used for music show votings
🔹Can be purchased
🔹No expiry


Collect chamsims daily

Earn 💙 - expires every month
🔸Daily attendance (+10)
🔸Popular comment (+20)
🔸Poll comment (+20)
🔸Solve quizzes (+30-60)

Earn ❤️ - no expiry
🔸Community post (+20)
🔸Watch ads (+4 x 5)
🔸Level up reward
🔸Achieve missions

Earn ⭐️
🔸Watch ads (+1)


Collect credits daily

🌀Sign up +1000
🌀Referrer +500
🌀Log in +100
🌀Subscribe to newsletter +1000
🌀Read an article +5
🌀Authenticate Album +100

NOTE: Credits don't expire

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Collect voting tickets daily

🌟Watch ads (5 ads every hour • 15 votes per ad • Maximum 450 votes per day)

🌟Daily attendance to earn coins - do not skip a day! Just click the calendar icon
👉🏻do not skip a day!
👉🏻on 7th day, there will be a BONUS:
•3000 voting ticket
•3x vote booster
👉🏻Use coins to buy items from shop

🌟Send votes to your 50 friends 3x daily
👉🏻 resets 12am KST

🌟Receive votes from your 50 friends 3x daily
👉🏻 accept the received votes within 12 hours only or it will be gone.

🌟Refer a friend and both of you gets 500 cash!

🌟 Use permanent 'Add-Friend Extension' by buying from item shop.
🌟Charge VTs


1. Cash : 1 year.
2. Voting tickets from ads, promotions or friends: valid for 90 days after received
3. Voting tickets bought with coins: valid for 1 year after purchased
4. Voting Tickets from daily attendance: valid until 23:59:59 of the day (KST)

✨For more information on how to gain more votes or coins, pls dm us on KAI VOTING PAGE

Fanplus Notice on Fanfic rewards for VTs discontinued


Collect Hearts daily

I. Daily Hearts- it expires everyday
🔸Attendance - 100 ♥️
🔸Level Bonus
🔸Hot Time Log in - every 8:00-8:30pm KST 30 ♥️
🔸Heart Box - go to community page and click any post. You will receive 7-20-100-1K hearts randomly. You can open 4times per 4hrs but 10times if you watch ads.
🔸Hearts from friends
you can add max of 300 friends.send 3hearts a day, you can send every after 10mins
II. Ever Hearts- no expiration
🔹Watch ads - 30♥️ per ads and max of 10clx per hour
🔹Heart Refill Station
🔹Post Time - post a hd photo and video link separately to get 100♥️ each during Hot Time.
🔹Voting Reward - you will get 10% of your vote, the minimum vote is 100 to get the 10%
🔹Invitation Bonus - 1K ♥️

How to Vote?
✓Dump all your daily hearts before 11:30pm KST.
✓Dump your hearts in KaiVotingPage community post to receive voting reward
✓Save your Ever Hearts for important events. Fanbases will remind you when we can dump our ever hearts

Note. Don't dump your hearts in homepage, only in community post.


Collect points daily

How to get it: It can be obtained by paid puchase.BLUEs are permanent.Convert point 1️⃣ : 1 BLUE = 2 PINKConvert point 2️⃣ : 10 BLUE = 2 HEARTConvert point 3️⃣ : 10 BLUE = 2 GOLDRefunds - Request a refund within 7 days of purchase.When requesting a refund, you cannot refund a point if you used it.
How to get it: It can be earned by charging it for free.Free Charging: Get points through Offerwall and watch ads.Convert point 1️⃣ : 10 PINK = 1 HEARTUsed to purchase various products and services at THEKKING app.EXPIRY: will expire at Dec.31 11:59PM KST
How to get: It can be converted by switching to BLUE or PINK.HEART can be used in season voting and Fan support.HEART are points that expire at the end of each month.Used to purchase various products and services within the platform.
How to get: After purchasing BLUE, convert to GOLD to use.A popular vote with awards ceremonies and K-pop omniverse concert.At the end of the voting period, the GOLD will automatically expire.


Starplay is currently not available in Playstore due to new google policies and is undergoing changes

Collect stars daily

⭐️ Golden Stars: can be purchased
⭐️ Silver stars: can be acquired for free by watching ads and completing missions

Golden ⭐️ and Silver ⭐️
• used in polls for subway ads and PR promo
• can be converted to voting tickets, to be used for voting during pre and live voting for 'The Show'



Collect silverstars daily

★ Enable your lockscreen - earn 2 stars
everytime you open the app

★ Upload videos (once a day) - earn 20 stars

★ Post photos (twice a day) - earn 20 stars

EXPIRY: Silver stars resets on the 16th at 4 KST every month


Mubeat/Whosfan, Idolchamp, Fanplus, Starplay, Choeaedol are the only available gcs.